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I've been here for 3 months.
The life still very good, only one bad thing.
In December a lots friends will leave, we already say "Good Bye" to ... Maybe 9 people? I'm not very sure.
Because christmas and new year are coming, School don't have many new student lately.
And a lots student have vacation on this 3 weeks, so the school was very deserted.
Before we usually play basketball, but the weather was become colder and colder, and we don't have enough people, so we didn't play that for long time, the guys like to play ping pong lately, but we don't interested about that, so we don't have anything to do. It's like the time back to when we first came here, we just do our homework in library.
But today is different, V bring her laptop to school, we watching the movie in classroom, the name of movie is "Julie & Julia", the movie was great, I mean I very want to sleeping, but is not the movie's fault. I also want sleeping in the class, but I didn't. Thank god!! lol

I know some grammar is not correct, but I will be better in future.

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  • 我覺得Julie & Julia很好看耶~XD
  • 應該是剛下課 太累了(毆
    我認識的單字太少了= 3=

    Shani♥ 於 2010/12/19 14:20 回覆