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第二天早上 大家起床都累得要命(攤
但今天有滿滿的行程 要趕快出發才行!
V因為眼睛太乾 無法戴上隱形眼鏡而逃過一劫(菸
本來想說會在路上吃早餐 於是我們拋下了飯店的咖啡 匆匆的出門

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這次我親愛的cousin把行程排的滿滿滿! love u (K)

我們星期三下午就出發! 星期六下午回來

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I've been here for 3 months.
The life still very good, only one bad thing.
In December a lots friends will leave, we already say "Good Bye" to ... Maybe 9 people? I'm not very sure.
Because christmas and new year are coming, School don't have many new student lately.
And a lots student have vacation on this 3 weeks, so the school was very deserted.

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